Agriculture in Nigeria is largely subsistence farming and used to contribute 35% to the GDP, but now contributes 22% of national GDP. Nigeria is a middle-income country with a population of about 175 million and per capita GDP of $3,010 (World Bank, 2013). Nigeria is the largest economy in Africa and accounts for at least 45% of West Africa’s population. It is also the biggest oil exporter in Africa, with the largest natural gas reserves in the continent. With these large reserves of human and natural resources, the country represents a strategic location for any business that is interested in tapping into the local, regional and continental markets. The last Nigerian government launched an agricultural transformation agenda in 2011 (ATA) with a vision to make Nigeria an agriculturally industrialized economy. The key strategic thrust of the agenda is to reduce the overbearing involvement of big government in all the important aspects of the agricultural value chain and create an environment that attracts interest from serious investors. Bdellium Consult Ltd offers professional services to investors and active participants in Nigeria’s agribusiness.


Agribusiness is attracting wide interest from different strata of the investing public. At Bdellium Consult, our consultants help investors strategize and develop notes that bring their areas of interest to perspective by show casing the opportunities and develop techniques that make the concept realizable.


We groom and manage your project for success using our state of the art project and program management best practices


All businesses are located somewhere, our well trained expert will provide profesisonal site inspection and assessment services to ensure compliance as well as evaluate its suitability and readiness for the intended agribusiness goal and objective.


Our consultants follow processes required to track, review, and regulate the progress and performance of your project; identify any areas in which changes to the plan are required; and initiate the corresponding changes

We deliver High Quality Services


Today, our customers are more knowledgeable and demanding than ever; they know what they want and how they want it delivered. They're quick to criticize poor performance and will show their displeasure when it occurs. It's our obligation to become the company that is recognized for meeting the goals and expectations of those customers, and the public. How do we accomplish this formidable task? By focusing on our commitment to the delivery of quality services.

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Agric business conceptualization, strategy & development

Agribusiness is attracting wide interests from different strata of the investing public. At Bdellium Consult, we help investors strategize and develop concept notes that brings their areas of interest to perspective by show casing the opportunities

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Project site inspection & Evaluation

All businesses are located somewhere, Bdellium Consult assists the clients to professionally evaluate and assess the suitability of the project site for the intended agribusiness

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Business Plan development

A plan is imperative for any business. Bdellium Consult Ltd utilizes her expertise to write a comprehensive business plan that shows details of the project’s infrastructural and financial requirements, market analysis, risk assessment

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About AgricHub

The Agrichub is a farm management software program for all farmers worldwide.